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Greetings Shyanne fans! Many of you have requested some greater scope in our videos to include more interactive material. So, as luck would have it, this past Valentine’s Day Dan decided to offer his daughter, Shyanne, a unique gift fit perfectly for a “Tom Boy Diva.” The weather was not so much in our favor, but the story couldn’t have played out more perfectly. Well … see for yourself!

This video also marks the official launch of Shyanne’s YouTube channel! We’ll be hosting all the videos going forward on YouTube so please make sure you subscribe and take a moment to like the video and comment. Video by Poni TV.

SR_AB_LG_036_1 11 Questions With Shyanne

11 Questions with 10-year-old Competitive Shooter Shyanne Roberts

BY: Britney Starr +  POSTED: 1/6/15

outdoorhub-11-questions-10-year-old-competitive-shooter-shyanne-roberts-2015-01-06_19-24-45-880x584Shyanne Roberts during the 2014 Brownells Lady 3-Gun. Image by ASAP Photography.

Ten-year-old 3-gun competitor Shyanne Roberts hails from New Jersey and may just be one of the youngest Second Amendment activists in the shooting community. Throughout the past few years, she’s made appearances pro-Second Amendment outlets such as on Gun For Hire Radio, the NRA’s Cam & Co, and NRA News. She’s also gained attention in national mainstream media, in which she has been shown as a positive example of shooting sports and youth in America, including Fox News, Chasing New Jersey, CNN, ABC Nightline, and Fox & Friends. I recently had the chance to meet this energetic, intelligent, and thoughtful Second Amendment activist at the Brownells Lady 3-Gun Pro-Am competition in Georgia. Here’s what Shyanne had to say about why she loves competitive shooting, and her thoughts on the future.

For the full interview visit:

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Shyanne’s Media Notice Gun Talk Radio

guntalk_2013Shy has an array of upcoming media appearances scheduled for the 1st Quarter of 2015. This week … She’ll be on Gun Talk Radio!

1.9.15: Get #ShootFit in 2015 – This Week on Gun Talk Radio

Mandeville, LA – It’s physical fitness for shooters, a rising youth competitive shooter, another win in New Jersey, and more, this week on Tom Gresham’s Gun Talk® Radio, the original nationally-syndicated radio talk show about guns and the shooting sports.

Julie Golob, competitive shooter for Team Smith & Wesson, author, and firearms ambassador, has pledged to get ‘#SHOOTFIT’ in 2015, and wants others to join in. “Physical fitness plays an important role in how well we are able to perform on the range. Agility, strength and endurance can be put to the test in many action shooting events. Even for precision based shooting, getting healthy and staying in shape helps you perform your best,” says Golob, on her blog. Find out more this Sunday when Golob joins Tom to discuss her firearms fitness goals, and read more about the first steps at

Ten-year-old youth competitive shooter Shyanne Roberts visits Gun Talk this week to encourage others kids and teenagers to get involved in competitive shooting sports. Roberts entered into the world of 3-Gun in 2014, and looks to enter even more competitions this year, and continues to be a great advocate for young shooters with the media. Find out more about Roberts, and what’s coming up for her in 2015

Also on this Sunday, Attorney Evan Nappen with another win! This time, “the New Jersey Appellate Division issued a decision finding that the Neptune Township Police and Monmouth County Superior Court erred because the chief failed to discuss the permit matter with the applicant before his denial and then failed to appear at the hearing to answer for his denial.” Find out more here:

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Shyanne Robert’s January 2015 Portfolio is Released!

The 1st Quarter is going to be amazing!

Check in on the year in review and set your expectations for 2015.

Shyanne Robterts Portfotlio January 2015 BP_Original Shyanne Signature

2014 – Season Highlights Video Release

Two thousand and fourteen’s shooting season arrived with Shy’s entry into the realm of three gun competitive shooting, progressed with expanding her political activism, culminated with the Brownells Lady 3 Gun Pro-Am Challenge, and is closing with a considerable gain in media attention. The expectation was never for her to secure a win; Shyanne’s goal was to gain experience with the rigors of the competition, explore the complexity of the stages, and build comfort with her equipment. The year was a resounding success!

The Brownell’s Lady 3-gun solidified her position in the shooting community; a family of energetic and inspiring individuals. When your competition is your greatest resource leveraged for your future the character and quality of the people shines. Competitors mentor new comers as a general practice; a tradition that exists in spite of the fact that the reigning champion’s ability to maintain their winning payday means they have to win. Everyone is about the future, while still driving hard to win the day. As the upcoming generation builds upon the current techniques, exceeds the existing expectations, and sets new records the world champions of today pass the baton; assuring our individual rights and liberties will be preserved.

Thanks to Shyanne’s sponsors, supporters, and fans the opportunities this season have been nothing short of amazing. She is exceptionally grateful to those who took their personal and professional time to mentor her, Madalyn Stewart, and Allie “Allie-Cat” Barrett … The Pro Line-up: Lena Miculek, TacTissy, Heidi Kempin, Katelyn Francis, Nikki Turpeaux, Becky Yackley.3Gun, Steph Payne Shooting, Rhonda “Stones” Stonaker, Karla Herdzik, Julie Waasted – Competitive Shooter, Dani Bryan, Annette Evans, Jessie Duff, Janna Reeves, Reanna Kadic, Heather Fitzhugh, and Dianna Liedorf. The ladies of “Squad 12.” Thanks so much Steve Thomas USPSA Area 8 Director and World Champion Todd Jarrett and his partner Carrie Carlson for an amazing opportunity to join the summer junior training camp at Lower Providence Rod and Gun Club.

Shyanne’s 2014 Sponsors: 1 Million Moms Against Gun Control, INC, American Gun Owners Alliance, – Shooting Sports News & Business,, AP Custom, AR-15 Gun Owners of America, Artisans of the Valley, LLC., BERETTA USA, Blade-Tech Industries, Cutlery Specialists, Gun For Hire’s Range in Woodland Park, Fluid-Grafix, Freedom Ammo LLC, FrogLube Tactical, Geissele Automatics, LLC, General Defense Outfitters, LLC, GT Targets, Maximum Ordinate Precision,, Packing In Pink, Radians, Recoil Rifle Slings, and Trijicon, Inc. Thank you to everyone who contributed to Shyanne’s Glock fund! Thank you ALL!!

Special thanks the NRA and 1MMAGC for the opportunity they provided for Shyanne to attend the NRA National Convention 2014. To Brownells, Inc. and Lisa Marie Judy for their sponsorship of her entrance into the Lady 3-gun. Wow! – Thank you so much to Geissele Automatics for the surprise of the season, a crazy purple AR-15 extended as a reward for Shy’s tenacity and persistence at the ProAm.

Without her camera crew, Eric Saperstein, Sandra Muldoon, Lawrence R. Greenberg, and Dan Roberts would be no viral videos, cover shots, and media frenzies. These people support her career with their time, skills, and equipment. They provide fans the window into Shy’s activities, her sponsors with maximum exposure, and offer positive public relations for the shooting sports. Thank you!

Thank you to the media, YES the media! Not only did this season give Shyanne the cover of Junior Shooters, appearances on Gun For Hire Radio, Cam & Co, NRA News, and worldwide social media exposure, and a dozen or so newspaper articles, the national mainstream media actually presented her as a positive example of youth shooting in America. Fox News, Chasing New Jersey, CNN, ABC Nightline, and Fox & Friends all cast a spotlight and turned our Tom Boy Diva into the poster child for the pink gun generation.

Sophia Newport – Welcome to the Gun For Hire, LLC team!

The fans, what can be said to express how it feels to have gained over 8,000 enthusiastic individuals, spread around the world, who share, comment, and like our posts? Thank you!

The season is closing with our expression of immense gratitude. Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, Happy New Year!

Please enjoy the highlights reel … Thank you!

Shyanne & Tom Boy Diva Management

PS – We tried to tag everyone properly. If we missed you, mistagged you, etc – please let us know or feel free to properly tag yourself! If you do not wish to be tagged and are PLEASE tell us if you remove it as we’re fighting the FB battle to keep things properly tagged and we may keep adding the tag back.

Video Production by Poni TV & Eric M. Saperstein – Photography & Video

ABC News Nightline Features Shyanne Roberts

VIDEO – Nightline Episode Full Video Link Below. Please help us share some positive press for the youth shooters of America!

PRESS RELEASE: Shyanne Roberts has been working on a project with ABC Nightline News, a feature discussing youth and firearms in America. Shyanne (Shy), for those who are just catching up on her adventures, is a member of the up and coming generation of competitive shooters and an activist for personal liberty. She hammered the springboard into the national political spotlight with her testimony before the NJ Assembly Law and Public Safety Committee against their ill-conceived and arbitrary 10 round magazine limit.

For the past month ABC engaged Shy in discussions about her experiences in politics, observed her on the firing line including her recent trip to the Historic Brownells Lady 3-Gun Pro-Am Challenge, and dove into her life as a kid today.

Shyanne represented America’s youth in an episode scheduled to air tonight at 12:35am (12/3/2014) on your local ABC network station. We just got notice a few minutes ago! We’ll have links posted to the full episode online as soon as they are available. Clips will also be included in Shyanne’s 2014 highlights reel, pending release as a Christmas bonus to her fans and sponsors.

Of course we’ll promote discussion, and we hope this Nightline feature will show a positive perspective of the future of America’s liberty.

Tom Boy Diva Management

The Shyanne Roberts Brand Logo!

BP_Original Shyanne SignatureThanks to the marketing and graphics design team at Radians PPE Shyanne Roberts is proud to show off her new personal logo! This will now be Shy’s maker’s mark, and will begin to appear to represent her approved brands.  Your liberties, eyes, and ears can never be replaced; Radians is working hard to keep them all safe and to keep you at the highest level of productivity!

Twenty fourteen has proven to be a great year, her launch into the political forefront, the acquisition of some amazing competition hardware and gear provided by the generosity and dedication of the firearms industry, sponsors have solidified, and she has locked in a training schedule on and off the range. The year is not gone just yet; the Brownells Lady 3-gun is coming on strong next week!

The creation of her new logo signifies what is to come for twenty fifteen – the Shyanne Roberts brand is locked and loaded. We will be working on an assortment of photo sessions, videos, online features to highlight Shyanne’s sponsors and supporters.

Please stop by Radians ( and extend your support for this pro-liberty corporation. A leader in the Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) business for more than ten years, Radians manufactures a comprehensive line of quality protective gear to minimize personal exposure to safety hazards.

Radians offers personal protection products for the industrial and retail markets through their authorized distributors. Check your gear, you may already own their products through Radwear, DeWalt, Black & Decker, Remington, Bone Collector, Radian Sporting Goods, Crossfire, or Smith & Wesson.

Thank you to everyone for their ongoing support and encouragement. It means the world to Shyanne and her father Dan. It means even more to the future of our nation’s liberty and to the upcoming generation of competitive shooters.

Shyanne Roberts & Tom Boy Diva Management

Response to Tragic Events in AZ on Monday

Alright (Eric Posting) … Monday’s events were tragic and we extend a heart felt and sincere sympathy for the families involved. First and foremost a life was lost and with respect we want to clarify that Shyanne was NOT involved in this incident.

For those unaware a 9 year old New Jersey resident girl, under the direction of her parents and an instructor was in operation of a fully automatic Uzi. Events transpired that lead to the accidental (negligent) fatal shooting of her instructor.

We feel that situations like this are truly shameful, and through proper safety procedures are avoidable. Shyanne’s father Dan weighs in with his daughter about this controversial subject in the article below.

I personally as an instructor who has taught dozens of children to shoot and countless adults, am taken back by the situation. I would never allow the operation of a fully automatic firearm by ANYONE child or adult, without the proper training and experience.

My experience is primarily with semi automatic and standard manual action firearms. I always start with ONE round in the gun, and I can’t emphasize enough the importance of ensuring that an individual of any age demonstrates control and responsibility with each firearm, each caliber, each situation, as they progress in training. Follow the ONE round rule as you introduce new shooters. An empty firearm dropped can not harm anyone, starting with a single round ensures the safety of everyone involved. Work your way up, this is not about shock and awe, this is about safety and responsibility.

Additional – touch is OK – I stay on top of someone and position them, the firearm, and police the situation. Let me make it simple, if you are not comfortable with me touching you and/or your child to ensure their safety then I am not comfortable with any of you touching my guns. The situation is professional and shall remain entirely as such, an instructor is responsible for the entire situation and for every round that leaves the barrel. This trumps anyone’s feelings about how one should not touch someone to provide needed support and direction.

Changing subjects a bit … I have been up close to Shy when she is shooting. I am right there, getting personal to get the drama and capture the moments. I want to say we produce these photos and videos with very careful practice. We have RSO’s spotting the shooter and the camera operators. We have practiced this dry fire before we go live fire. We are all following the 180 rules, and I most certainly get scolded by the RSO assigned to spot me and ensure I don’t get optics blinders and wander into the line of fire. When you see a shot from the front of a live shooter, the camera is on a tripod or positioned away from people and operated by remote control. While we may risk our equipment, we will never risk our lives for an image.

Again, take a moment of reflection for those who were hurt this week. Let us all qualify our reactions with maturity and take every logical and responsible action to prevent this from ever happening again. We are the ones who hold dear our liberty, and the right to protect it. We must adhere to the responsibility this right bears on us to behave in a manner respectful of the power we hold in our hands when we grip a firearm.



 News Article Features

CBS News Video Link:

The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

Ok, you might have to turn up the volume to hear me since the mic on my Dad’s video camera aint the best, but here it is ! My ALS Ice Water Bucket Challenge and nominations! #ALS, #IceWaterBucketChallenge, #MaximumOrdinatePrecision, #TacTissy, #JannaReeves, #AnimalCustoms, #Froglube, #MondoGarcia, #ShayAkai, #AkaiCustomGuns, #VanessaAguilar, #KatelynFrancis, #JoePlunkett, #GeisseleAutomatics, #MaxFriedman

The August 2014 PA Steel Challenge

The August 2014 PA Steel Challenge match was held today by our hosts at Guthsville Rod & Gun Club, Inc. As is our habit, we took the opportunity to feature our own Shyanne Roberts with a highlights reel from today’s event. – Scores are pending, we hope to have them in next week.

Mean——-nnnn-while … enjoy the video, or don’t … we don’t care we made it for the lovers not the haters. Speaking of which, stick around for the followup bloopers reel, as Shy’s own Social Media Director, Eric, shot today too! Although the results are not in, word is he told his bookie to place HIS bet on Shyanne. Once he finds out how bad he was beat, maybe he’ll release the evidence.

Special thanks to David Snyder and his crew who dedicated their time and effort to organize, setup, run, and brake down the event. This is a lot of work and they deserve our appreciation as shooters for their efforts.

As always please visit our sponsor’s pages and show your thanks for their support of youth shooting events. These kids are the future of our nation, and the insurance policy that our rights will be everlasting.

Video for educational / entertainment purposes only all rights reserved by Tom Boy Diva Management / Artisans of the Valley. Audio is public domain.

Thanks again to all of Shy’s fans …

Enjoy! – Eric

For more information on the PA Steel Challenge League Visit