The August 2014 PA Steel Challenge

The August 2014 PA Steel Challenge match was held today by our hosts at Guthsville Rod & Gun Club, Inc. As is our habit, we took the opportunity to feature our own Shyanne Roberts with a highlights reel from today’s event. – Scores are pending, we hope to have them in next week.

Mean——-nnnn-while … enjoy the video, or don’t … we don’t care we made it for the lovers not the haters. Speaking of which, stick around for the followup bloopers reel, as Shy’s own Social Media Director, Eric, shot today too! Although the results are not in, word is he told his bookie to place HIS bet on Shyanne. Once he finds out how bad he was beat, maybe he’ll release the evidence.

Special thanks to David Snyder and his crew who dedicated their time and effort to organize, setup, run, and brake down the event. This is a lot of work and they deserve our appreciation as shooters for their efforts.

As always please visit our sponsor’s pages and show your thanks for their support of youth shooting events. These kids are the future of our nation, and the insurance policy that our rights will be everlasting.

Video for educational / entertainment purposes only all rights reserved by Tom Boy Diva Management / Artisans of the Valley. Audio is public domain.

Thanks again to all of Shy’s fans …

Enjoy! – Eric

For more information on the PA Steel Challenge League Visit


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