Gun For Hire



Shyanne_Photoshoot1_130Passion for shooting is an inadequate description for Guns For Hire CEO Anthony Colandro’s spirit and generosity when it comes to supporting not only our sport but our rights as American citizens. Anthony and his staff pursue liberty with no apology, including their quest to provide the future generation with the best tools to accomplish their competitive dreams.

With Anthony’s blessing, Shyanne received an AR-15 complete with aMAG Tactical Systems Magnesium Lower chambered in 5.56/.223, Adams Arms piston and bolt, Eotech Holo Sight, Samson Quad Rail, Magpul sights, stock, and release, Geisselle Automatics Match Grade Trigger, BCM Gunfighter charging handle, Troy Industries Vertical Grip, and a Blackhawk tactical single point sling. The build is by GFH.

Thanks to Firearms TV for the video!