Freedom Ammo


About Freedom Ammo LLC

Our founder, Glenn Scheetz, has over 30 years of experience with guns and gun laws. After working in law enforcement for many years, he is not only an expert with firearms; he has a complete and thorough comprehension of the laws attached to these firearms. Scheetz prides himself on his ability to advise people on what exactly they will need both before and after purchasing their fire arm, depending on what they plan to use it for. Scheetz was formally trained at Fort Indian Town Gap as a police sniper during his swat years and is a retired chief of police, which gives him even more insight into firearms.

From Novice to Expert

Due to our founder’s advanced knowledge of guns and firearm training, we at Freedom Ammo LLC are prepared to help any of our customers, no matter what their skill level, learn to shoot their new gun. We believe that part of gun safety is knowing the ins and outs of your firearm.

A Dream Come True

Freedom Ammo LLC is the lifelong dream of our founder, Glenn Scheetz. Throughout his distinguished career as an officer of the law, he had always wanted to open his own gun shop. Thus, Freedom Ammo LLC was born, and became a place that made it easy for customers to come in and ask questions. Our store believes it is a God given right to protect both your family and your life with a firearm, so let us help you protect the things that are important to you.