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June 2014 Glock 19 Training Day

Training is this summer’s theme, train, drill, train, practice, and more practice. Shyanne has five new firearms she must envelope with familiarity and learn not only to handle on the firing line but she must be able to field strip, clean, and maintain them with respect, efficiency, and reliability.

Check out Shy’s latest training session, hands on with her new Glock 19 thanks to some very generous benefactors and General Defense Outfitters of New Hope, PA for providing this firearm to our up and coming competitive shooting star!

The Glock 19 featuring Trijicon night sites, and custom trigger upgrades, titanium guide rod, lightened spring, and personalized grip for a perfect fit by certified Glock Armorer Jon Sammons as well as a custom dip by Fluid-Grafix. Keep tabs on our this page and Shy’s Facebook page for the latest updates on her training, competitions, and appearances.



Shooting Composition – June 2014

Shyanne Roberts Year to Date – June 2014 Shooting Composition Video you guys asked and we’re coming online with more capabilities. This is a mix of the highlights of various recent shooting events and training sessions.

Please go easy on the video critique – this is Eric’s first attempt with Adobe Premiere! The new software and equipment are a bit of a learning curve!


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