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11 Questions with 10-year-old Competitive Shooter Shyanne Roberts

BY: Britney Starr +  POSTED: 1/6/15

outdoorhub-11-questions-10-year-old-competitive-shooter-shyanne-roberts-2015-01-06_19-24-45-880x584Shyanne Roberts during the 2014 Brownells Lady 3-Gun. Image by ASAP Photography.

Ten-year-old 3-gun competitor Shyanne Roberts hails from New Jersey and may just be one of the youngest Second Amendment activists in the shooting community. Throughout the past few years, she’s made appearances pro-Second Amendment outlets such as on Gun For Hire Radio, the NRA’s Cam & Co, and NRA News. She’s also gained attention in national mainstream media, in which she has been shown as a positive example of shooting sports and youth in America, including Fox News, Chasing New Jersey, CNN, ABC Nightline, and Fox & Friends. I recently had the chance to meet this energetic, intelligent, and thoughtful Second Amendment activist at the Brownells Lady 3-Gun Pro-Am competition in Georgia. Here’s what Shyanne had to say about why she loves competitive shooting, and her thoughts on the future.

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