Shyanne – the latest Froglube Tadpole


It is official Shyanne is the latest addition to the Froglube Tadpole team! From now on she’ll be swimming slippery! Visit their page for more product information, we’ll be sharing more shortly.


What is the FrogLube Weapons Performance and Care “System”?

FrogLube Solvent™ and FrogLube® CLP

Two “food grade” products have been formulated to work “together” to remove the fouling byproducts produced in a firearm; this includes carbon, copper, lead, firing residue and other non-specific build-up. A cleaning solvent is necessary to strip and degrease and a lubricant is needed to smooth actions and provide corrosion resistance. Both formulas have been carefully engineered to prevent interaction and residue formation.

How does FrogLube work?

FrogLube is a heavy specific gravity “food grade” mixture that seeps deep into the micro spaces of the metal and acts as if to ‘season’ the surface of the bore, any friction points and all areas treated with the lube. Once treated, fouling particles resist bonding to metal surfaces; instead, they easily wipe away or brush off the surface. This also applies to other loose fouling particles such as dirt, dust and sand. FrogLube does not film, nor is it a coating. Instead it is a treatment that is absorbed throughout the firearm. It is water insoluble and will repel water and resist corrosion.

Posting today is Eric M. Saperstein, Shy’s Director of Social Media / Public Relations and appointed Consigliere when negotiations between her and her father are required. I’m also handling some of her photography and video work, obviously, and this presents me with the creative outlet of producing these composition videos. We have a lot of ideas for sizzle reels, promos, and educational videos; just not enough hours in the day to produce them all. Be patient, there’s more coming!

This past weekend I got the opportunity to attend the Area 8 USPSA Jr Camp with World Champion Shooter Todd Jarrett – I came out very impressed. I learned a few things about shooting by just observing from behind the lens, but most of all what I got to experience was interacting with the next generation of world champion shooters. I spent the day around 25 kids, or well let’s say young adults, all of whom maintained full control of their sidearm, on their person, through the weekend.

What I got to observe was a group of respectful, responsible, self-policing, disciplined, and dedicated shooters who were all socializing, responding to their instructor’s commands, learning, and enjoying the weekend. Parents were attentive, supportive, and social.

Strange as it may seem … nowhere to be found was anyone whom in any stretch of the imagination would represent the modern media’s portrayal of the crazed child outcasts poised to reenact a first person shooter game at their school. This character is a product of sensationalizing the criminally insane, and a distortion of self esteem developed by the destruction of healthy competition, consequences for ones actions, and personal accountability in our education system. 

These young adults, the ones I met this past weekend, are athletes, they are training for their future careers in the shooting sports and perhaps in the firearms industry, the media, maybe technology, or some could choose medical. Who knows?? The point is they are showing the necessary concentration and determination to achieve whatever their goals may be. Their playful banter, competitive spirit, and sportsmanship were prominent features of the camp’s personality. 

At the top of the ranks were Mr. Todd Jarrett and his team, all of whom put forth their time, their resources, and their knowledge. This is such a gift to offer the shooters of tomorrow (today!) as they peek in their careers they are preparing to pass the baton of championship to the up and coming youth. This is a national treasure, a spirit and skill that we must ensure never dies if we are to preserve the liberty that we enjoy today for future generations.

Just to make something very clear – this video is a composition and show’s Shyanne getting a lot of one-on-one time. This wasn’t staged, and it wasn’t out of the norm. Every student in this camp received a significant amount of time with each instructor. They all were given personalized critique and attention!

I’d like to thank all the Jr. Shooters, the parents, our host Lower Providence Rod & Gun Club, and Mr. Jarrett’s team, and of course Todd himself. Special thanks to Lawrence Greenberg of Poni TV for his time on the camera this weekend, and for his patience and mentoring me in photography and video. I’m pleased to play my small part of the future of our shooting sports, and I wish all the Jr. Shooters the best in their careers and lives. 

This is the first composition video from the Area 8 USPSA Jr. Shooter’s camp this weekend … posted for educational purposes and Pro2A use only! All rights reserved by Tom Boy Diva Management.

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June 2014 Glock 19 Training Day

Training is this summer’s theme, train, drill, train, practice, and more practice. Shyanne has five new firearms she must envelope with familiarity and learn not only to handle on the firing line but she must be able to field strip, clean, and maintain them with respect, efficiency, and reliability.

Check out Shy’s latest training session, hands on with her new Glock 19 thanks to some very generous benefactors and General Defense Outfitters of New Hope, PA for providing this firearm to our up and coming competitive shooting star!

The Glock 19 featuring Trijicon night sites, and custom trigger upgrades, titanium guide rod, lightened spring, and personalized grip for a perfect fit by certified Glock Armorer Jon Sammons as well as a custom dip by Fluid-Grafix. Keep tabs on our this page and Shy’s Facebook page for the latest updates on her training, competitions, and appearances.



Shooting Composition – June 2014

Shyanne Roberts Year to Date – June 2014 Shooting Composition Video you guys asked and we’re coming online with more capabilities. This is a mix of the highlights of various recent shooting events and training sessions.

Please go easy on the video critique – this is Eric’s first attempt with Adobe Premiere! The new software and equipment are a bit of a learning curve!


Shyanne’s Custom AR-15 Build at Gun For Hire

Shyanne_Photoshoot1_130We can never share this enough – because we can never begin to express our thanks to our sponsor Gun For Hire’s Range in Woodland Park for their generosity to provide Shy’s custom built AR-15. Special thanks to Geissele Automatics, LLC for their support providing Match Grade Triggers for this AR as well as her M&P15-22, Trijicon for kicking in a generous sponsorship (optics coming soon!), and Fluid-Grafix for the purple marble dip!

Stick around – we’re going to be sharing a LOT of details about our sponsors this summer with an assortment of giveaways including swag, custom firearms parts, gear, and other fun merchandise!

Thanks to Firearms TV for the video!

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